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    Spring cone crusher for cobblestone crushing

    Time:2019-07-01 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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     As the ore crushing enterprises continue to improve the quality requirements of ore crushing, the quality requirements for the crusher used will naturally increase accordingly. Because only high-tech, high-performance crushers can produce high-quality ore stone, but also reduce the cost of the enterprise. A large part of the crusher's choice of crushing companies chose to use a spring-loaded cone crusher, which is determined by its special performance characteristics.

    The spring cone crusher is a high power, large crushing ratio, high productivity crusher. The machine was developed on the basis of various types of spring-type cone crushers that have absorbed and absorbed the international advanced level of various countries. It is clearly different in design from the structure of a conventional cone crusher and concentrates on the main advantages of the various types of cone crushers known to date. Suitable for fine crushing and ultra-fine crushing of hard rock, ore, slag, refractory materials, etc.
    According to the needs of customers, the spring cone crusher developed and manufactured by Zhongxin Heavy Industry is a modern high-performance spring cone crusher based on the principle of laminating crushing and the concept of multi-breaking and grinding, which is designed to integrate high swing frequency, optimized cavity and reasonable stroke. machine.

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