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    Common failure and solution of impact crusher

    Time:2019-07-05 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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    The Impact Crusher can process materials with a side length of 100-500mm and a compressive strength of up to 350MPa. It has the advantages of large crushing ratio, high output, and cubic particles after crushing. However, the Impact Crusher work environment is relatively harsh, and it will inevitably fail after a long period of operation. Once the downtime is stopped, the construction period of the quarry will be directly delayed, causing great losses. However, if you are aware of the common faults and solutions for Impact Crusher, you can quickly find the cause and solution of the fault, quickly restore the normal production and reduce the loss. Today Xiaobian will bring you to understand the five common faults and solutions of the counter crusher, I hope to be useful to everyone!

    First, Impact Crusher bearing heat:
    The bearing should be inspected for good lubrication. Under normal conditions, the lubricant should be filled with 50% of the housing volume. In the other case, the lubricant is degraded and viscous. The bearing needs to be cleaned and replaced with a new one.

    Second, the equipment vibration is abnormal:
    It may be that the feed size is too large; the wear parts are unevenly worn, the counter hammer needs to be replaced; the rotor is unbalanced, need to be adjusted, proofreading balance; check whether the equipment anchor bolts are tight and properly reinforced.

    Third, the discharge granularity is too large
    Explain that the Impact Crusher plate hammer or counter-attack lining is seriously worn, causing the gap between the plate hammer and the Impact Crusher plate to be too large, adjusting the back-and-forth impact frame clearance, or replacing the lining plate and the plate hammer; adjusting the position of the counter-attack frame so that both sides and the frame The gap between the lining plates is even; if the lining on the frame is seriously worn, it should be replaced in time. 

    Fourth, the appearance of glue during the operation of the equipment
    The belt slips, and the friction with the pulley produces a pungent rubber smell, or the rotor is stuck. It is necessary to check the rotor in the machine cavity and solve it in time.

    Five, Impact Crusher broken belt flip
    Mainly due to the broken belt, the need to replace the V-belt, pay attention to ensure the quality of the belt; or because of the improper assembly of the pulley, the active and driven pulleys should be adjusted on the same plane.

    Understand the operation of the equipment, the actual operating conditions, and possible failures. Respond quickly and promptly to solve problems, and effectively avoid the losses caused by the shutdown.

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