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    The reason why the cone crusher can be applied to hard materials

    Time:2019-07-08 Author:Zhongxin Back to list

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    In the crushing of high-hardness materials such as basalt, granite, diabase, limestone, etc., we should use the cone crusher to crush the material. The reason is that the hardness of the material broken in the general production process is low, and the materials such as diabase. The hardness is high and the degree of wear is large. The cone crusher is a crushing device developed for various ores and rocks with hard and medium hardness.

    The design of the cone crusher has a novel design principle, adopts the new concept of crushing technology, can meet the crushing of different material specifications, and meets the requirements of the new process of “multi-breaking and less grinding”. The machine not only has a large crushing ratio, but also has a fine and uniform particle size, and low unit power consumption. There is not much requirement for the humidity of the crushed material, and it is also suitable for crushing any hard brittle material, and can be used for crushing various minerals. The machine proved its good application prospect in the field of mineral processing through large-scale engineering. Moreover, the cone crusher has a large throughput and high production capacity in the crushed material, and the unique design of the machine greatly reduces the maintenance cost and maintenance cost of the machine, thereby greatly improving the production efficiency of the machine and the production cost. The reduction.

    In the sandstone production line of basalt, granite, diabase, limestone, etc., the wear of the wear parts such as the slab, the plate hammer and the counterattack is very high. Therefore, in the design of the crushing process, the main The crushing task uses the lamination principle to reduce the wear of the wear parts. The typical laminating equipment configuration is a two-stage E-break or E-break and a cone-breaking process configuration. Therefore, the cone crusher also has a high hardness material. A wide range of applications.

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